Staffordshire premises to appreciate broadband boost

According to a recent report from the BBC, approximately 6,000 businesses and homes are now set to receive improved broadband in terms of speed and reliability thanks to new funding.

The UK government is making an investment of £16.5 million with the aim of increasing available internet speeds in parts of north-east Staffordshire like Longnor, Alstonefield and Marchington.

The funding for Staffordshire to enjoy better broadband connectivity is part of a total £5 billion investment from the government known as “Project Gigabit”. The aim of the project is to make the latest gigabit-capable broadband available to the entire nation by the year 2030.

Gigabit-capable services provide users with download speeds that are at least a gigabit-per-second. Broadband service providers use cutting-edge fibre-optic cables to supply it.

Ministers like Sir John Whittingdale, charged with the UK’s digital infrastructure and data, have spoken out on both the initiative and the recent plans to roll out gigabyte-capable broadband to Staffordshire.

He commented that enterprises will be able to “get more done” using fibre-optic connections instead of outdated copper networks originally in place. He went on to state:

“In Staffordshire communities, thousands of residents will experience the benefit of high-speed connectivity – supporting business operations, fostering growth, and boosting productivity.”

He added that the goal of Project Gigabit was not simply to address current needs. The project aims to ensure the UK is well positioned for the future with resilient broadband infrastructure that can serve for decades.

Work to enhance broadband services for Staffordshire homes and enterprises is expected to start in Spring 2024.