Quick ways to speed up your internet browser

When staff need answers fast, searching the internet is understandably the swiftest solution.

Today, search engines can produce facts and details in a fraction of a second, allowing your team to increase productivity.

However, to take advantage of this capability, browsers must be operating effectively. Here, we look at some simple solutions to sluggish browsers that you can try – whether you’re using Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Install browser updates

The firsts step is to ensure you’re running the latest version of your browser available.

Updates from Google, Microsoft and other developers include fixes for issues and improvements designed to keep browsers operating at their best. If an update is overdue, install it immediately.

Remove what you don’t use

Overtime, you can accumulate a considerable number of browser extensions and add-ons, from options designed to check your spelling, to those that block annoying pop ups.

While some of these optional extras are helpful, if you’re no longer using them, they’re just a drain on your browser speed. Identify those that are unnecessary and delete them.

Clear cache and cookies

Another simple way to access a speed increase is to delete your browser cookies and cache.

These temporary internet files can use as much as 15 per cent of your hard drive, so performing some housekeeping and removing cached information you don’t require makes good sense.

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