Mobile trade association launches connectivity campaign

Mobile UK, the Leading UK industry body for mobile network operators recently, launched a campaign entitled “Live Better Connected”. The all-new campaign is designed to help educate and raise awareness on how businesses, individuals and society depend on mobile connectivity.

Our new era of mobile-ready connectivity is now dramatically affecting lives at work, at home, as well as in local communities. Not only are people using mobile networks for nearly every aspect of their everyday lives, but the Internet of Things is also driving forward a time of interconnected devices, which is transforming the ways businesses and industries will operate.

A core aim of Mobile UK’s “Live Better Connected” campaign is to assist businesses and people to realise the power mobile connectivity supplies to improve lives, as well as the prosperity of the nation. As part of the campaign, an online challenge called “How Connected Are You?” has been created that is designed to show how much we count on available mobile network connections here in the UK, which have progressed far beyond simply using a mobile phone.

Commenting on the new campaign, Mobile UK’s Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, noted that understanding of the infrastructure and functioning of mobile connectivity has not kept pace with how much we rely upon it.

Here in the UK alone, there are now more than 85 million mobile connections active. Globally, there are approximately 14 billion connected internet-ready devices, with this figure expected to increase to 30 billion by 2025.