Major broadband provider offers tips on improving poor speeds

UK internet service provider (ISP) Virgin Media recently issued fresh advice to its service users to help them speed up slow rates of connectivity.

Businesses across Britain can lose out on productivity and profitability because of sluggish internet speeds, making any intelligence on speeding up services well worth consideration.

In emails distributed to its users Virgin Media explained that Wi-Fi router placement can have a substantial impact on internet speed, improving Zoom calls with customers or downloads of key company data from online servers.

While many companies seeking a tidier workplace are keen to keep unattractive routers out of sight, their attempts at discretion can impact speed according to the ISP. Putting Wi-Fi router behind office LCDs, in filing cabinets and inside cupboards are all considered bad practices, as both electrical devices and metal furnishings can block router signals, resulting in weak speeds.

Office kitchens were also listed as bad homes for routers, with microwave ovens and other metal appliances potentially causing havoc with connectivity. Broadband signals can also be impacted by common office features like fish tanks, as water and reflections are both problematic.

Although it might not enhance the appearance of a working environment, keeping a router in plain sight and free from obstructions is key to faster internet. Whenever possible, place your office router as high up as you can to boost signal strength.

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