Keen to speed up your computer? Try freeing up disk space

Many business professionals working on computers are unaware that free space is never wasted in the Windows operating system. While it depends on your device’s specific settings, much of the available space will be utilised by Windows for writing and reading data and installing updates.

Microsoft typically recommends that users keep at least 20% of their system drive free for its operating system to perform at optimum. Consequently, the more free space remaining on your disk, the quicker Windows will run improving your experience.

If your disk is overloaded, don’t worry – there are different measures that can help. When using computers daily, it’s easy to end up with duplicate copies of files, as well as junk folders you only need for a short time. As a result, the first option is to delete this unwanted material from your machine.

While this will free up some disk space, remember that programs and applications take up far more space than single files and folders, so find any you no longer use and uninstall them from your system.

A third option is to take advantage of cloud storage or an external storage device and use it to store some of the data you use, releasing space on your disk.

Slow computers can hamper your employees’ performance and seriously impact your business. At 127 Solutions, we work closely with the SMEs we serve to ensure their IT is never a barrier to how they operate. Contact our team now to get back on track.