IT business moves to remain resilient

From equipment like servers and desktops to storage solutions that offer access to important data, IT resources are often critical for businesses. As a result, if they fail or are unavailable, firms can lose time, money and face with those who rely on them. Here we list some useful ways to stay up and running, regardless of IT issues.

Spare computer

If you know that an issue can occur with a PC and put a member of your team out of action, prepare for it. Keep a spare computer available for use in such circumstances but ensure that even if it doesn’t see daily use, it’s ready to perform. Run regular updates and make sure it’s running the latest software you use and protected with up-to-date antivirus.

Secure non-local storage

Never store the data you need every day locally on computers. You can enjoy access to information just as quickly when you keep it in the cloud or on a server offering central access, but it will be far more secure and easier to recover if an issue arises. Locally stored data can easily be lost, but when you back up files to the cloud, they can quickly be restored so you can operate unhindered.

Power management

Ensure all servers and business computers have surge protection. A frequent issue, power surges require management and control. Your server needs an uninterruptible power supply that allows it shut down properly when power is lost to limit data loss.

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