Is your browser hindering your performance?

If your professional role involves looking up information online, a slow browsing experience can seriously impact your output.

To improve your productivity, examine your internet browser to resolve these issues.

Running an outdated version

Just like other IT solutions, internet browsers are upgraded periodically to ensure they are up to modern requirements.

Using an outdated edition of your browser can slow your searches. Make sure your machine is running the most recent version and, where possible, enable automatic installation of updates to avoid this issue.

Using unnecessary extension and add-ons

From solutions that check your spelling to those that block adverts, there are a wide range of helpful add-ons available.

However, over time, you might build up a store of extensions you no longer use. In some cases, unwanted add-ons may be automatically installed when you download new software and leave a check box ticked by mistake. Use the extensions or add-ons menu to review and remove any products you never use to speed up your device.

Tabs and bookmarks

The more tabs you have open on your browser, the more valuable system resources you’ll consume.

As your computer must work harder, performance can be slowed, so only keep open the tabs you need to solve the problem.

To a lesser degree, bookmarks can also be a burden on your computers work rates, so check whether you still need them and delete your unwanted placeholders.

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