Is bloatware impacting your computer?

While a brand-new computer might seem like it offers a clean digital slate, even new devices can be shipped preloaded with a wide range of unnecessary apps.

Sometimes referred to as bloatware, these programs can slow down your machine using valuable processing power and storage space. New computers aren’t the only culprits of bloatware. As you install programs over the service life of your PC, it’s very common to accrue these needless applications.

Identifying and uninstalling bloatware

In many cases, pre-installed bloatware can be easily uninstalled. However, it can be tricky to work out what you need to keep, and which apps can be safely removed. When you find programs installed on your device that you have never used, or were not even aware existed, there’s a good chance they might be bloatware.

Examples of bloatware

A commonly encountered example of bloatware is an extra web browser toolbar. These apps might be pre-installed on your computer, or are added when you download an application.

Toolbars typically will appear at the top of the browser window and will often feature a dedicated search box of their own. When you install a program, be mindful of toolbars included. You can usually opt out by simply unticking a box.

If you’re unsure of which programs you can safely uninstall from your computer to improve performance speed, technical assistance can often be helpful. For immediate or ongoing IT support, get in touch with our team at 127 Solutions today.