How to stop programs launching on start-up

It can be helpful for apps and programs you use daily to become available as soon as you start your device.

However, many users find that software installed on their computers that they seldom, if ever, use is also launching on start-up. The more programs your PC needs to make readily available instantly, the longer it will take to start.

Read on to discover how to stop unwanted programs launching automatically and speed up your start to the working day.

How you can prevent apps and programs launching at start-up

To begin, press your Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously and select the Task Manager. Once open, find the Startup tab to examine all the programs launching on start-up.

If you find a program you never or hardly ever use, right click on it, and choose the “Disable” option.

How PC speed can improve

While it will depend on the number of programs that you disable and stop starting automatically, you’ll likely experience a speedier start-up time.

Now when you start your computer, it should run faster, as you’ll have freed up more resources that were previously running unnecessary programs and apps in the background.

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