How to increase your connectivity and download speeds

To keep up with the competition, every British business requires rapid and reliable internet.

The good news is that the UK government is working hard with internet service providers (ISPs) like Openreach to roll out fast full fibre broadband across the country.

However, if you can’t yet access better broadband and are struggling with slow speeds that impact the way you work, consider these questions.

Where is your office router located?

Where and how a router is placed can affect internet quality.

Never lock these devices out of sight in cabinets and cupboards or near metal objects, as you’ll decrease your signal strength considerably. Instead, get your router up as high as possible, with clear lines of sight to your company devices.

Do you use ethernet cables?

Instead of using wireless signals to connect your equipment to your router, try hardwiring.

Ethernet cables can provide a more stable connection and provide a direct link from the router to each company device. Ethernet cables boost download speeds and connectivity, and can be kept tidy using cable ties, organisers and holders.

Is your ISP living up to its obligations?

When you pay for business broadband, your ISP must fulfil minimal service standards.

You can use an online broadband checker to find out if you’re getting the quality of connection you’re paying for. It’s also worth getting quotes from other ISPs in your area for better service and, in some cases, a better deal.

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