How to develop a cleaning routine for your company computers

While it’s important to remove unwanted cookies and old files and apps from computers, cleaning their exteriors and accessories is also important for many reasons.

A clean computer will enjoy a longer service life, saving your firm time and money. It will also perform better throughout its lifespan. Read on for key cleaning tips to apply.

Desktop computers

Computers clogged with dust can overheat and perform poorly, impacting day-to-day productivity. For desktop devices, use a microfibre cloth to wipe down your PC tower. Compressed air can be used to clear any vents that have become blocked over time.


A compressed air cannister is also ideal for complex inputting devices like keyboards. Instead of removing all the keys, blast the board with air to remove unwanted debris. With a damp cloth that is free of lint, wipe down your keyboard at least once per week, but never use excessive moisture.

Research suggests that keyboards can be dirtier than toilet seats, and become extremely unhygienic over time. This promotes health risks, so regular cleaning is always advised.


Fingerprints among other stains can regularly appear on computer monitors and impact your view.

To maintain an unmarked screen, a once a week wipe down is recommended with a lint-free or microfibre cloth that is completely dry. Gently wipe using long motions, and never press too hard on your device to avoid damage.


Finally, a computer’s mouse needs just as much attention as its keyboard. Before cleaning, unplug the mouse and wipe both the top and bottom, including the ball.

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