How to avoid your computer overheating

When a desktop or laptop computer generates a greater amount of heat than it can handle, the result is overheating. The potential impact of such an event can be serious, leading to a device shutting down entirely without warning or in some instances even incurring permanent damage.

To help users avoid these unwanted incidents, we’ve compiled a list of three simple but important practices to follow.

Keep your computer clean

One of the major causes of overheating is dust accumulation. When the ventilation systems get clogged with dust, they can drastically reduce the lifespan of a computer. Allowing vast quantities of dust to build-up near your device’s fan will automatically raise its interior temperature, and this increases the chance of it overheating. However, performing a regular cleaning routine can prevent this unwanted scenario from occurring.

Give your device room to breathe

Be mindful of objects on your desk or other materials blocking your device’s fan ,as they can inhibit its capacity to cool the computer. Additionally, avoid positioning devices near heat sources such as radiators.

Consider direct sunlight

When using laptops outdoors or desktops by windows on sunny days, sit in the shade and avoid direct sunlight to reduce issues of overheating.

Access IT support today

If your machine keeps overheating, or you are experiencing other issues that impede your work, you can rely on 127Solutions for expert IT support. Reach out to our team today for remote or on-premises support as required.