How often should you restart your computer?

The common question “did you try turning it off and on again?” is familiar to anyone who has sought out technical support when their computer is misbehaving, but it can sometimes be a useful solution. Many users are unsure of when they should restart their computer – or if they should shut them down at all – but the frequency of when this process is necessary can vary depending on your device.

Personal computers running Windows should be completely shut down, or restarted, at least once a week. However, it is important to ensure that the ‘fast startup’ option is switched off to make sure that it shuts all processes down properly and cleans up.

As a rule, Mac computers often only need a restart with system upgrades and installs, as they tend to be more stable overall than Windows machines.

A key benefit of restarting a device is that it will clear everything from the memory, which can help resolve issues with applications. Sometimes, a slow device that is overheating for no apparent reason can need such an action, but usually only as a last resort. It is worth noting, however, that applying multiple power-downs every day can put a computer under stress, which can reduce its total lifespan.

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