Has your computer’s browser become bloated?

An essential application for enterprise employees, web browsers help users request specific pages from websites and retrieve files from

servers to display web pages on their screens. From finding useful information to accessing important platforms, browsers are used continuously, though poor practices can cause them to slow connectivity. Read on to learn how to fix this common issue.


Web browsers allow you to use add-ons which can be helpful in your role. From extensions that fix grammar errors to calendars and advert blockers, add-ons are not without their value. However, over time you can amass so many extensions that your web browser is consuming an increasing amount of your processing power. Visit your extension manager and uninstall any add-ons that are no longer useful to your browsing experience.

Open tabs

When you’re working throughout the day, there will always be web pages you enjoy visiting or referencing. Many users simply keep them open while they work and click on the tabs for quick access and updates. However, the more open tabs you have, the slower your office internet will be. Instead of keeping multiple tabs open, try bookmarking your favoured sites ensuring they are accessible without impacting browser activity. As a result, you’ll free up computer memory and find your machine will be working faster.

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