Gloucestershire set to receive huge broadband investment

Businesses and homes in the county of Gloucestershire’s quietest areas will soon enjoy a considerable connectivity improvement in their broadband, due to a £35 million investment from the government.

Project Gigabit, the government’s new scheme worth £5 billion, will offer high-speed and gigabit-capable internet access to around 85% of the nation’s population by the year 2025. It also aims to reach a whopping 99% in 2030.

Currently, the project’s procurement phase is headed up by Gloucestershire County Council, which has now invited broadband providers to battle for available shares of the £35 million investment to roll-out ultra-fast broadband to enterprises and retail premises who are struggling with speeds described as “sluggish”.

The government initiative wants to improve connectivity for around 8,118 properties that are presently connected using antiquated copper wires that stretch across regions like Forest of Dean, East Gloucestershire and Tewkesbury, among others.

These outdated connections will now be replaced using alternatives which are more reliable and provide lightning-fast speeds to enhance user’s digital experience in these areas.

Leader of the county council, Mark Hawthorne, commented:

“Gloucestershire County Council’s substantial investment has paved the way for upgrading numerous homes, businesses, educational institutions, libraries, and healthcare facilities throughout the county. These enhancements ensure that all our communities have forward-looking broadband solutions.”

The award announcements and broadband companies selected are expected somewhere between January and March next year.

Afterwards, constructing the cutting-edge network is anticipated to start promptly according to the council. This aims to drive a significant transformation for broadband infrastructure throughout the county.