Four reasons to keep your software updated

When you’re working to tight deadlines, installing updates can seem like an irritation.

It’s all too easy to put them off so your machine doesn’t slow down when you need it running at optimum. However, software updates are crucial for companies and offer multiple benefits.

Patching vulnerabilities

When software companies identify critical vulnerabilities in their products, they include security fixes, sometimes called patches, in their updates.

Hackers that are aware of these known weaknesses will exploit them if computers are left unprotected, making updates vital to avoid putting your systems and data at risk.

Accessing new features

Updates also include new features that can help firms operate more effectively. To keep competitive and get the full value of their software, companies can install updates and access innovative and useful tools.

Enhancing performance

As well as improving security, updates also help software run more efficiently. As a result, companies running the latest edition of a product can enjoy a smoother user experience and higher levels of productivity.

Guaranteeing compatibility

Newer technology often struggles to work properly with outdated software.

Updates often include additional code that allows software to remain relevant and work with the latest devices used by businesses.

At 127 Solutions, we understand that busy companies can lose track of critical updates. As a result, we provide managed software updates as part of our IT support packages.

For peace of mind, let our team handle updates on your behalf today for safer and smoother business activities.