Fixing slow computers before investing in new technology

Essential equipment like servers and computers that performs slowly can hamper your firm’s productivity – and even impact your staff’s sense of job satisfaction.

In some instances, slow performance is related to outdated technology or poorly selected hardware. However, with an understanding of costs involved, if you can’t yet upgrade your company hardware, there are some approaches worth considering first.

Using RAM efficiently

If your company machines have inadequate random-access memory (RAM), you can instruct your team to only keep open the apps they require at any given moment.

For instance, if users have several tabs open at once in their browser or a multitude of applications running quietly in the background, devices with insufficient RAM will slow significantly. Keeping only apps you need open decreases RAM usage.

Insufficient hard drive space

A common root cause of systems performing slowly is a lack of space on computer hard drives. When too much data is retained on employee drives, the computer can slow down.
Instead, encourage staff to store excess data on your cloud server instead where it will remain accessible without impacting hard drive space.

Check for malware

Slow system performance can also be caused by a malware infection. Ensure devices are protected by antivirus software and perform regular scans to keep them clean.

At 127 Solutions, our support is designed to keep your hardware working at optimum. Our managed service includes proactive monitoring and auditing of your technology, along with enterprise-grade antivirus. Contact us now to learn more.