Fastest broadband in the UK 2024

Rapid and reliable broadband is business critical for UK companies of every size and shape in 2024.

However, enterprises keen to expand are especially in need of a swift service that can support the needs of their growing team.

Having a seamless service ensures that firms can get all their team working online simultaneously, whether they’re engaged in video conference calls or answering queries via business email.

Dependable broadband also means that websites load seamlessly, and customers and clients enjoy uninterrupted service.

Fortunately, more internet service providers (ISPs) than ever are now offering lightning-fast broadband speeds, as active networks move to supporting multi-gigabit connectivity.

Recent statistics show that more than 80 per cent of businesses and homes across the country can access gigabit-capable broadband. At their fastest, average broadband speeds range between 900 and 1130 megabytes per second (Mbps).

As more UK networks move towards deploying faster full fibre (also known as fibre-to-the-premises, or FTTP) technologies, ISPs are starting to offer broadband speeds as fast as 2 gigabytes per second (Gbps), yet availability of the fastest deals can be more limited.

Leading broadband providers offering such services include Virgin Media, Vodafone (via CityFibre) and EE (via BT partner Openreach).

Division of fastest UK broadband 2024

The fastest and most widely available deals for 2024 are led by Virgin Media’s Gig1 broadband package. It offers users download speeds of 1.13 Gbps, and has a take-up of approximately 16 million premises in the UK.

Vodafone and TalkTalk also provide gigabit connectivity to approximately 16.8 million properties via CityFibre and Openreach networks, and BT and Sky cover more than 13.8 million premises passed by the Openreach network.

More remote and rural areas of the UK are often served by alternative networks (alt-nets) funded by the government’s Project Gigabyte, designed to get the entire UK using fast and dependable broadband.

Which broadband provider offers the fastest UK service?

Latest figures regarding broadband speeds sourced from research by the UK Government’s Office of communication (Ofcom) confirmed that Virgin Media offered Britain’s fastest service.

Real-world testing speeds of the Gig1 package were recorded at 1115.38 Mbps during peak times, just slightly slower than the average download speed advertised by the ISP of 1130 Mbps (or 1.13 Gbps).

However, it’s worth noting that the best broadband speed deals are always evolving, with other ISPs likely delivering new options for faster connectivity as the year unfolds.

Fast broadband availability

An ISP supplying the fastest broadband is only useful if their service is accessible in the area where your business is based. As a result, when tracking down the fastest broadband service you can use, availability is a key concern.

For example, telecoms company Vodafone supplies one of the fastest broadband service speeds in areas that can access the CityFibre network (download speed 2.2 Gbps). Virgin Media and Trooli offer 2 Gbps packages in outlined areas, and in parts of the county passed by the Openreach network, EE offers 1.6 Gbps speeds.

Fast UK broadband affordability

While speed and reliability are essential for business broadband, to improve their bottom line, every firm must keep their eyes and ears open for the best deal possible.

Along with becoming increasingly accessible, gigabit-capable business broadband deals are also dropping in price, although location is always a factor.

The best deals available for faster broadband are typically offered in UK cities, with recent statistics suggesting London has access to the most affordable options at present.

Ultimately, the swiftest broadband you can access depends on where your firm is located and what has been made available to date. You can find out by entering the postcode of your company address in a broadband checker online to explore the fastest packages open to you.

Before committing to a deal for faster broadband, it is always wise to check the ISPs and networks accessible from your business premises. Cross check companies against the speeds and level of service they offer.

Upload speeds and download speeds are increasingly becoming on par with one another.

Do you have fast and dependable broadband at your firm?

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