Can router placement impact your company’s connectivity?

It might seem like a small detail, but the positioning of your firm’s wireless router can have a substantial impact on the dependability and quality of your business broadband. From the room where it is located to the height it is placed at, there are a range of factors that can be affected by where your router’s home is in your office. Read on to learn more and get the best connection possible.

Can router position reduce internet speed?

If your office router is positioned too far from your team’s devices, your internet speed can be slowed down. However, older models of router can also be an issue. If you test your router and it can’t reach the speeds you are paying for on your plan, a hardware upgrade is always advised.

Where is the best location for an office router?

To provide an even spread of Wi-Fi coverage across your premises, routers should be placed in a central location. It’s understood, however, that if you are connecting devices to your router via Ethernet cables, routers will need to be kept in reasonable reach to reduce cabling required.

Should routers be placed high or low?

As a rule, routers typically spread their strongest signals in a downward direction. As a result, it is always the best policy to mount your office router as high up as possible to maximise coverage.

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