Business impacts of a slow computer

Operating a slow computer that seems to take eons to boot up, load apps or save files can be exceptionally frustrating for business professionals. However, it can have an even more serious impact on the company they work for. In this blog, we’ll explore the negative effects of trying to use a slow device.

Losing time and money

Slow computers are common problem for many British businesses and, in terms of lost productivity, can mean they lose valuable time and money. Lag not only impacts start up but operating systems opening, switching between apps and using specialist software. These incremental periods of wasted minutes add up and studies show the UK businesses use around 5.5 days each year to slow devices.

However, slow running computers also affect employees. Low-level irritation and loss of concentration can grate on their wellbeing, reducing their efficiency and productivity.

Solutions for slow devices

Fortunately, there are many options available to solve the problem of slow computers. Installing operating systems and application updates can be helpful, as can deleting temporary files and unused programs which are putting a drain on processing power. While some fixes are easy to attempt, other solutions like upgrading equipment or boosting RAM can be more complex.

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