Broadband provider offers router advice to users

Leading broadband and telecommunications company Virgin Media recently offered advice on how best to use its router to avoid issues and remain online. To remain competitive and work effectively, every business in the UK requires a strong and seamless internet connection, and the router is a key piece of equipment for this process.

The notification from Virgin Media is designed to boost broadband and offered some simple tips and advice to maximise router performance. It stated that routers should always be positioned out in the open and never enclosed in cupboards or cabinets. Additionally, routers should be located at a distance from other types of electronic devices.

While devices such as TVs and cordless phones were objects to keep away from routers for best signal strength, Virgin Media also noted that specific materials such as metal can cause havoc with Wi-Fi and cause interference. In office environments, metal filing cabinets made from stainless steel can block signals, but also rooms featuring mirrors may find that these fixtures reflect the radio waves needed to transmit wireless internet, causing signals to become scattered or distorted.

While a fish tank can make an attractive inclusion in offices, they can also affect Wi-Fi connectivity. Wireless signals weaken when travelling through water so routers should be kept away from tanks.

Finally, Virgin reminded users that they should always keep their router in an upright position with display lights facing into the room, as placing it flat or facing a wall can slow down speeds considerably.