Broadband comparison expert offers festive warning

UK internet comparison company Uswitch recently revealed some seasonal advice regarding broadband interference.

Internet speeds are often slower at seasonal times, with higher demand due to increased communication and leisure time. According to the broadband expert, however, Christmas decorations can also hamper internet access and speed. If your office is decking the halls for the holidays, or you’re working from home as a hybrid employee, read on to avoid impacting your service.

In a recent advisory, Uswitch revealed that many festive decorations have the potential to negatively affect Wi-Fi networks by slowing down speeds and stalling wireless connections.

Some of our most treasured traditional decorations, like glittering tinsel, fairy lights, and even Christmas trees (both real and artificial) can impact available download speeds.

If strings of Christmas lights are mistakenly wrapped around the broadband router, it can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals and slow download speeds. Richard Dowden, one of Uswitch’s expert broadband team, commented that decorations like tinsel and fairy lights should be kept well clear of electronic devices in general, and as far from your router as possible.

Picture Wi-Fi signals extending out from your router like radio waves. When a large object like a Christmas tree is positioned in the path of your signal, it can swiftly shorten your maximum range, contracting your wireless network. As they contain metal materials, fairy lights and tinsel can also confuse signals when in proximity to routers, so the company advises against attempts to make this equipment appear festive.

There’s no reason, however, for this to extend to the rest of the office!

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