British broadband experiences speed increase

A brand-new research report from a UK communications regulator has discovered a marked year-on-year improvement in service speeds. Customers who upgrade their solution to higher-bandwidth services like full-fibre can now enjoy a substantial increase as average upload speeds rise across the country.

Mere days after Ofcom, the UK regulator for communications, released its latest edition of the Connected Nations report, displaying the reach of UK broadband services (which are now spreading to regions traditionally underserved by fast and dependable broadband), it has now published new research into the performance of broadband services in Britain. The report showed that average download speeds and the quality of connections are experiencing a continuing increase.

Since the pandemic, a greater number of UK workers are carrying out their roles remotely or partly from home. Many firms found that such an arrangement helped their teams perform better, achieving a more effective work-life balance which enhanced their wellbeing and productivity. However, to maintain performance levels, a reliable and swift broadband connection is crucial.

The recent study from Ofcom, entitled: “The UK Home Broadband Performance Report” was conducted to shine a light on broadband performance levels available in homes around the UK, at the close of March this year. Data was collected by measuring the performance supplied to customers’ routers, and employing data provided to the UK regulator by Britain’s four biggest broadband providers.

The research used median averages, instead of mean averages, when it analysed connection performance, because Ofcom did not wish the few users accessing ultrafast and exceptionally low-speed connections to skew the report, resulting in a loss of overview.