Blackpool ISP launches XGS-PON broadband service

Yayzi, a small internet service provider based in Blackpool, is leading the charge for multi-gig broadband in Britain.

The firm has stolen the show on its more established rivals by providing a 2.3 Gbps commercial broadband service for consumers.

Commenting on the company’s coup, Martin Gardner, Chief Executive at Yayzi, said:

“We are very excited about this innovative move, and seeing very high uptake of pre orders and interest for these products. The team at Yayzi have now set the standard in the UK ISP market with our partners at CityFibre, and made stupidly fast broadband affordable for the consumer.”

Yayzi’s new offering operates on the XGS-PON network from CityFibre, and originally launched for wholesale customers last summer. Its advanced capabilities allow it to support symmetric throughput of around 10 Gbps.

The launch is a considerable feather in Yayzi’s cap, as although larger companies like Virgin Media O2 have now begun selling an XGS-PON service to selected customers, they do not yet offer consumers the option to engage a multi-gig service.

At present, the fastest available broadband package promoted on the Virgin Media O2 website is listed as 1.13 Gbps.

As for the semi-autonomous network branch of BT, Openreach, the telecoms operator, does not presently provide XGS-PON services whatsoever. Its fastest speeds available are 1 Gbps for download, and 220 Mbps for upload.

However, Vodafone, also working with CityFibre like Yayzi, has also extensively trialled XGS-PON. It plans to launch a 2.2-Gbps service for consumers in the early months of 2024.