Alternative UK network exceeds 25,000 broadband customers

Zzoomm, Oxfordshire’s leading alternative broadband network and internet service provider (ISP), has already successfully extended its 2Gbps full fibre network to reach 190,000 businesses and home in the UK. However, it recently disclosed that its customer base has now grown from 23,000 to over 25,000 in just over a month.

CEO for Zzoomm, Matthew Hare, commented on the major milestone:

“We’re delighted to welcome our 25,000th customer to Zzoomm! We are delivering a brilliant Full Fibre broadband service to happy customers. We welcome our latest family to our service and wish them many years of gigafast, faultless Zzoomming.”

The alternative network (Alt-net) is strongly supported by Oaktree Capital. The global asset management company based in the US supplied £100 million in equity investment to aid Zzoomm’s efforts. The ISP has focused its full-fibre deployment on smaller towns in its home county of Oxfordshire, as well as others such as Berkshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Wiltshire, North and West Yorkshire, and Cheshire. However, its roll out has recently experienced a slow-down.

Despite its operational challenges, the company has maintained its focus on expanding take-up of its FTTP service and has now passed the landmark of 25,000 customers.

Discussing the level of service the alt-net provides, Hare stated that Zzoomm customers now enjoy access to some of the world’s fastest broadband speeds. The CEO affirmed that the company’s core mission was to provide a high-quality fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) service to its customers, and added that he was now looking forward to Zzoomm reaching its next important milestone.