A beginner’s guide to improving workplace connectivity

While some issues are harder to solve than others and might need professional help, the problem of lagging internet can sometimes be eased by simple measures. Below are a list of options to try while you wait for expert assistance to arrive.

Rebooting your router

Switch off your office router by unplugging the device entirely and waiting a few minutes before reconnecting. Once you’re back running again, you might notice a speed increase.

Real time network monitoring

Viewing your current connections in real time enables you to identify active apps, devices and users and discover what might be slowing your speeds. From employees making excessive downloads for personal use to system-hungry apps sapping your bandwidth, this practice can isolate issues so you can rectify them.

Malware scans

Regularly running scans for malware and viruses on your machines can identify if any harmful software has become embedded in your system and is reducing your internet speeds. High-quality antivirus and anti-malware can quarantine malicious programs and stop them impacting performance.

Empty the cache

Internet browser caches are designed to help speed up web page loading but can impede internet access when they become too full. Clear your cache in your browser controls and see if this improves your online experiences.

While these steps can enhance how swiftly your company connects to the internet, sometimes root causes are more difficult to determine. At 127Solutions, we are always ready to supply quick and expert assistance when you need us most. If you’re plagued by poor connectivity, contact our team today.