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Basic IT Support

The level of IT support that companies require can vary considerably for different reasons. Some firms have staff with some experience which allows them to handle some but not all IT issues while others may require further assistance and expertise. Use of technology and budget are other factors impacting help levels, but basic IT support can provide companies with a firm foundation that covered many of their needs. Basic IT support has many benefits from reduced costs for on-site visits to proactive monitoring of technology to ensure it performs properly. It also provides technical assistance to resolve IT problems when it’s needed most.

Proactive IT support

Our basic IT package includes watchful monitoring of your hardware, software and operating systems carried out by our trained engineers. This ensures that your firm is always using the most up-to-date apps and OS so you get the most from them and stay secure. Updates often include crucial security patches which protect your company against malware and computer viruses. If neglected companies become vulnerable to cyberattacks but our team will manage this process and help keep you secure. A proactive approach can help your firm head off larger problems saving it time and money in the long term.

We also help companies with asset management, ensuring all technology products and their licences are accounted for and remain fit for purpose. When you have staff hybrid working that need to access your systems secure from home, our basic IT support also extends to them.


Immediate IT support

Even when you have preventative IT support, unexpected issues can arise. As a result, when you need technical help, basic IT support ensures you have it. When you need assistance to fix a system hiccup you can get a rapid response, so your processes are never impacted for long. Remote and telephone support comes as part of the package with basic support, but you’ll also benefit from reduced costs when you need a technical engineer to resolve an issue at your place of business.


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Personalised business broadband Chester companies can use

To supply the level of service required by different Chester firms, we offer several business-grade broadband options. Our comprehensive packages include installation and access to full-fibre broadband that allows multiple users to connect to the internet simultaneously with no impact on speed.

We know that every company has its own budgetary requirements. To help, we can enable access to competitively priced business broadband with unlimited downloads.

Providing technical help to SMEs throughout and further afield, our team at 127 Solutions can be counted on to cover your IT support needs. Find out if basic IT support is right for your company by booking a discovery call with us today.

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